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Password not valid


Good morning,
I'm using this module in a DNN 7.3.4 version.
I tried to import some user and I flagged the "send email option" and "geenrate random password"; the system sends password that aren't working in some users.

I tried to import 6 users and i received 2 valid passwords and 4 not valid passwords.

Thanks in advance for support,
best regards
Closed Apr 4 at 9:35 AM by fordnn


fordnn wrote Mar 31 at 3:38 PM

Thank you for this info. We will try to reproduce bug on DNN 7.3.4 and will back to you with answer shortly.

Can you also double check with passwords: can you try to type them instead of copy/paste. Sometimes it happens copy/paste takes extra hidden chars.

lorenzog wrote Mar 31 at 4:03 PM

Thank you very much for your answer.
I tried to digit it manually but I couldn't enter the system as well as by copy and paste it.

I'll be waiting for news.

Best regards

fordnn wrote Mar 31 at 6:45 PM

We have tried module on clear DNN 7.3.4 and new passwords work ok. Also we double checked code, it uses standard DNN method UserController.GeneratePassword(). If you can reproduce bug, it would be good to make WebEx or TeamViewer meeting to find bug.

lorenzog wrote Mar 31 at 9:14 PM

Thank you for your answer.
The problem isn't the password,
but the password sent via mail that doesn't match and user can't login.

It's ok to have a webex meeting; can you please set up a webex meeting for monday ?
We use CET time, and we are available from 9 to 13 CET and from 14.30 to 19 CET.

Thanks in advance for support, best regards

fordnn wrote Apr 3 at 10:36 AM

May you send us email to, so we can schedule a meeting?

fordnn wrote Apr 4 at 9:33 AM

Issue was related to the UserID column. Values in UserID column should be uniq.